Stella Emmett’s “No Thanks” is summer-ready electropop

Stella Emmett‘s new single, “No Thanks,” is out via Double Denim Records.

Stella Emmett is an electropop artist who specialises in hook-laden electropop. Back in 2019, the New York-based Emmett teamed up with producer Mike Dvorscak to release Admirer, a mini-album (although it does include 10 tracks) that combined low-tempo, chillwave-inspired tunes (“Out of Town”, “Calvin Klein”, or the Half Waif collaboration “Final Fantasy”) with uplifting summery tunes like “Done w U”. Again armed with Dvorscak, Emmett is due to release her first proper full-length, out later this year via Double Denim Records, an English label that has propelled acts like Kero Kero Bonito, Jay Som, or Empress Of into stardom. Now, Stella Emmett has offered the first taste of her new record with “No Thanks”.

“No Thanks” follows the effective formula followed in her more straightforward numbers. It recycles one of pop’s omnipresent themes (that moment in a relationship when both parties are too anxious to make the next move) and grants it a certain freshness through the simplicity and lightness of its production. In spite of the wistful arrangements popping up during the chorus, “No Thanks” has no time for melancholy, only for brightness. Emmett has claimed that it was inspired by Röyksopp, and you can definitely see that influence shining through with the playful synth licks that usher in the chorus. Stella Emmett has also put out an extremely summery video for the song, which you can watch below.