Stevie Toddler sings about menstruation on “Hit Like Hormones”

“Hit Like Hormones” is taken from Stevie Toddler’s upcoming debut album Such Big Ideas.

Bristol-based bassist and songwriter Stevie Toddler follows up her excellent single “Needs Be” – already in our Best of 2022 playlist – with another taster off her upcoming debut record Such Big Ideas. Recorded with a team of talented musicians and relying on Ru Lemer for production duties, “Hit Like Hormones” highlights, in her own words, “the emotional wave that can take people that menstruate out each month. It also scrutinises that lengths people feel they need to go to to cover up their struggle.” “Cyclones, Hailstones, They hit like hormones,” Toddler sings on top of a groovy yet unpredictable instrumentation, which builds up to a delightful jazzy finale.

This controlled chaos and contrasts also form a key element of the accompanying video, which features choreography from Stroud based creative, Narna Hue. Watch, stream and support via Bandcamp below.