SUGARFUNGUS reel in listeners with catchy new single “Catch & Release”

Vancouver-based group SUGARFUNGUS emerge from the pandemic fully formed and ready to impress with the third track from their forthcoming debut EP, Letting Go, Moving Still.

What have you accomplished during the pandemic? Vancouver-based SUGARFUNGUS not only formed from scratch and began releasing singles, they even recorded their debut EP from their separate homes. This whirlwind, hodgepodge meeting of the minds has resulted in exciting singles such as somber “Retrospect” and ethereal “Ghosts.” SUGARFUNGUS‘ newest track “Catch & Release” – a dream-pop fantasia that details a souring situationship – is a powerful addition to their budding discography. It’s a sad song with a fast rhythm; Like downing an espresso shot as a chaser after a good crying session.

On “Catch & Release,” SUGARFUNGUS are quick to introduce a pulsating bassline that will serve as a backbone to the synth-laden single. Billowing female vocals blend into the soundscape beautifully, repeating the haunting chorus, “You can’t take the forest for the trees / Oh, but I’m losing focus / Guess this is catch and release / My heart is a lonely hunter.” While the lyrics are certainly heartbreakingly beautiful, the band’s strongest moments happen when the music completely takes over. SUGARFUNGUS are at their best when indulging in lengthy interludes that bend and manipulate the existing melody in surprising ways.

As we dive headfirst into the future, it’s fascinating to see how groups like SUGARFUNGUS – a success story for remote connections and new technologies – will change the history of music. In the meantime, get ready for their debut EP Letting Go, Moving Still.

Claire Greising