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Yves Jarvis Semula video

Yves Jarvis shares video for poetic and trippy new track “Semula”

“Semula” is taken from Yves Jarvis‘s upcoming album, Sundry Rock Song Stock, out September 25 via Anti and Flemish Eye.

japandroids near to the wild heart of life review

Japandroids – Near To The Wild Heart Of Life

Vancouver’s rock band Japandroids have always reminded me of Jack Kerouac‘s seminal “On The Road.” Like Kerouac‘s work they have

Rihanna’s “Needed Me” video is hardly NSFW

Rihanna released the video for “Anti” new single “Needed Me” which is by the way one of the best tracks of this long-awaited eighth studio LP. It was directed by famous film director and producer Harmony Korine, who notably wrote Larry Clark‘s controversial movies “Kids” and “Ken Park”, and directed “Spring Breakers”. He also have some experience in music videos and songwritting as he has previously worked for The Black Keys, Cat Power, Björk and so on.