GFOTY new album interview

With GFOTV, GFOTY delves into the multi-faceted realm of television

In the most GFOTY manner possible, GFOTY returns with GFOTV, an interactive body of work that makes a statement about

HighClouds: 100 best tracks 2017

HighClouds: 100 Tracks of 2017

We can undoubtedly write that 2017 was a great year for music. We know it because our staff almost had


GFOTY Gives French Kissing A New Anthem With “Tongue”

Notorious PC Music signee GFOTY has reemerged with the release of her new single “Tongue”, a base-heavy banger that is


Did you like our first party #TOUCHMYBUTT at Le Dolores in Brussels? THANK YOU for your support! And guess what…?!


In one side, we have the aesthetic of some representatives of PC Music like QT or Sophie who use a lot of colours and are in a way really joyful, keeping it very fun. In the other side GFOTY is more like the goth friend we all had in our crew when we were teenagers. She is always dressed in black, don’t smile much and don’t have the same spirit as the rest, but somehow thanks to her humour, she is really fun to hang out with. She recently released via the label her EP “VIPOTY” that contains 4 songs like “Amazing” and also a new film that goes with it.