In one side, we have the aesthetic of some representatives of PC Music like QT or Sophie who use a lot of colours and are in a way really joyful, keeping it very fun. In the other side GFOTY is more like the goth friend we all had in our crew when we were teenagers. She is always dressed in black, don’t smile much and don’t have the same spirit as the rest, but somehow thanks to her humour, she is really fun to hang out with. She recently released via the label her EP “VIPOTY” that contains 4 songs like “Amazing” and also a new film that goes with it.

Knowing how to not be like everyone else, GFOTY sets an EP that is impressively homogeneous. The whole atmosphere she has created over the years can be found in 4 songs : “Amazing” is aggressive but yet still cute, “Got My Chad” is powerful, “Poison” is abrasive while the first song of the EP “All The Love I Had” is more close to a love pop song. The EP follows the storyline that is told in the film of 5 minutes where you can see her having boy problems like any person of her age. Because behind all the black clothes and the bitchy face, there is still a romantic person in there.

We are seeing tomorrow GFOTY during an aftershow with Animal Collective so check our account in Instagram to see all the pictures !

Matias Calderon

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