TĀLĀ kick-starts a whole new chapter with new single “Bedtime”

“Bedtime” is out now via Duchess Records, announcing TĀLĀ‘s debut album for early 2019.

Coming off the heels of launching her own label with standalone single “Stay Here In The Sun” featuring Naughty Boy, TĀLĀ is back and undoubtedly stronger than ever. Her new song “Bedtime” marks her return from studio hibernation and announces her debut album. In short, it’s the start of a new era for the South London native.

Indeed, after an “awful breakup”, she quit her label and deleted her previous body of work. Consequently written therapeutically, the cathartic single “Bedtime” details the breakdown of this long-term relationship. Possessing the right equilibrium of both a traumatic yet a confident tone, TĀLĀ‘s honeyed vocals spit badass lines such as “The only thing you’re fucking is your ego” reflecting the raw emotion that she was going through.

With co-production from two Toronto multi-platinum producers Neenyo and Topflr [Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR], the singer-producer’s sound edges towards pop territory with modern R&B textures. Something that might surprise her fans as her previous projects were seens as more experimental. Regardless, “Bedtime” confirms she is back on her feet, with the big leagues locked in her sights. It isn’t bedtime for TĀLĀ yet.

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