TATYANA chronicles the joy of living and female friendship on “OOT”

London based multi-talented performer TATYANA releases latest single “OOT” from her upcoming debut EP Shadow On The Wall, out July 17 on Sinderlyn Records.

Eclectic and versatile artist TATYANA continues to tease her upcoming debut EP, Shadow On The Wall, with her latest electro-pop offering “OOT”. Meaning “Only One Time”, “OOT” is a charming ode to living for the moment and seizing your own life to the very best of your abilities. As expected, it’s full of zeal and spritely energy that’s just the medicine for the gloom surrounding the continuing state of the world. With the aspirational refrain “you only get one life,” TATYANA presents a euphoric mantra that’s particularly resonant in the current climate.

Musically, there’s a clever mixture of instrumentals and devices that create a really textured soundscape. Here for the fun, TATYANA makes autotune sound positively cool when it kicks in as the electronic drums drop. The added layers of clapping hands and cheering in the background give “OOT” a real cathartic release.

When speaking about the inspiration and driving force behind the track, TATYANA shared: “I wrote “OOT” as an anthem for summoning good energy. When Issy Wharton and I made the video we wanted it to have witchy vibes – girls casting spells and dancing. It’s a celebration of play and feminine friendship.”

This “witchy” vibe is carried into fruition delightfully. The accompanying video, courtesy of director Issy Wharton, appears almost Shakespearean in its display, with TATYANA appearing like a garden nymph, twizzling around her garden. It calls to mind the faeries and magic of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, if it was set in present-day London.

There’s also a 90’s energy emanating from the DIY aesthetic of the video. It’s reminiscent of the way in which you’d make videos of yourself singing and dancing with your girlfriends when you were a child. The costuming of the video also plays on this 90’s nostalgia. We see TATYANA in a spiked crown, dancing around in a lurid mesh dress and a vibrant yellowy-green top. It feels homemade, playful and fun, encapsulating the frivolity of childhood. The colour palette emphasizes this joyous feeling. It’s staggeringly luminous and beautifully contrasts nature and the urban backdrop of London as they dance on the balcony.

Rachel Chandler