Thank you and (maybe) goodbye

Thank you and (maybe) goodbye.

People don’t know it, but when I started HighClouds almost 10 years ago, I was going through the worst time of my life. I was already a music fan and a concert-goer, but discovering the art of blogging and seeing that thousands of people were following our discoveries literally changed my life. It became the best therapy and really elevated me in terms of my mental health and life goals, amongst other things.

Ten years later, the situation seems to have changed somehow: I feel stressed to always produce content, pressured to always do better, and it has become harder and harder to manage the daily flow of submissions and sollicitations. Also, let’s be honest, the blog world has totally changed. People don’t read blogs as much as before, that’s for sure. Social media platforms, which were fun and exciting at first, are now a real sh*t show and a huge source of anxiety and frustration, even when they are not owned by people we truly hate.

Long story short, I’ve been questioning the meaning of continuing HighClouds for some time already: It requires an unbelievable amount of time and energy every day, and I don’t feel the same pleasure in return as before. Today, I think that the moment to take a break, reassess and think about what’s coming next for me has come. I’m not sure yet if this is the end of HighClouds, or just a short/long break. Time will tell, but it was really important for me to write this to you.

I also want to use this personal statement to thank all the people who helped on the way. This was a real team effort! There are a lot of people to thank, and I am grateful for all of you, but I have a special place in my heart for Matias and Pierre, who were there at the very beginning, and to Rachel, Alberto and Claire, who committed so much for so many years. And, of course, big thanks to all of our readers or people who just followed us on socials or Spotify. <3 Arnaud.

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