Tom Tripp’s “Aurelia (demo)” is an under-the-radar masterpiece

There are few better feelings than that of finding a song that is so resonant, so possessing of that certain quality and mystique you can never quite place, that sharing it with anyone who will listen is nothing short of an obligation. Tom Tripp’s “Aurelia (demo)” – which the 21-year-old, London artist has incredibly labelled as a mere demo – is one of those songs. Beautiful, rich, funky, emotional, slightly heartbreaking, and considerably spine-chilling, this is one you can’t miss.

“All I want to do is make dope music and hide. I’m going to do just that. No need to talk.” – Tom Tripp, following the release of “Aurelia (demo)”

I could tell you how smooth yet simplistic the production here is, how gorgeously understated the lyrics are, or how Tripp’s voice is the only instrument that could tie the two together this perfectly. But, the only way you’ll get a true feel of the magic taking place on “Aurelia” is by hearing it yourself. Between the punchy, groovy guitar riffs and unexpected synth chord changes meant to get you moving, and the syrupy crooning and bittersweet themes that are moving in a deeper sense, “Aurelia” is nothing short of gold.

Tom Tripp’s “Aurelia” is one of those rare moments, wherein a 21-year-old working in his bedroom surprises the world with a piece of music that will drop your jaw lower than most tracks with a five-figure budget could ever hope to.

A simple message is pinned to the top of Tom Tripp’s Twitter page: “All I want to do is make dope music and hide. I’m going to do just that. No need to talk.”. This might help explain the imaginative yet unassuming nature that graces “Aurelia” and makes it an under-the-radar masterpiece; or, it may simply be all we need to know about an amazing young voice with an undoubtedly bright future.

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In any case, listen to “Aurelia” as a favor to yourself, or even as a favor to me. Just be warned, the chorus isn’t going to find its way out of your head any time soon but, trust me, it’s for the best.

Jonathan Vilardi

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