Tomemitsu invites Lala Lala and V.V. Lightbody on “Wish Erase”

“Wish Erase” is taken from Tomemitsu‘s new album, Sun, due out APRIL 9 out via Friend of Friends.

With two tracks already featured in HBO‘s series High Maintenance, Los Angeles lo-fi songwriter Martin Roark, better known as Tomemitsu, is assuredly an artist on the rise. Now signed on Friends of Friends, the Echo Park bedroom talent is teasing the release of his new album with “Wish Erase,” a collaboration co-written by Lala Lala and featuring Vivian McConnell (V.V. Lightbody) on flutes.

“This was my first attempted collaboration via the internet,” Tomemitsu explained about this summery new track. “I knew Lillie [Lala Lala] appreciated my music from when she used to live in LA… I absolutely loved ‘The Lamb’ so I thought she’d be interested. I had a decent idea for the structure and Lillie had much better, and less direct, lyrics than I had originally demo’d. I adore the keyboard sounds she sent too.”

He then added:

“The song kind of encapsulates a bit of all the styles I’ve done with Tomemitsu while pushing to be more refined. I was so happy to have flute, piano, and both male and female vocals to do a little nod to one of my favorite Brazilian songs: Tom Jobim and Elis Regina’s ‘Aguas de Marco.'”

Listen to “Wish Erase” and pre-order Sun via Bandcamp below.