Total Rubbish share shoegaze new track “Someone Else’s Dream”

“Someone Else’s Dream” is taken from Total Rubbish‘s new EP, Triple Negative, out now on Born Losers Records.

Total Rubbish is the Philadelphia up and coming trio turning “disappointing relationships, new beginnings and odd-end jobs” into fuzzy and garage rock songs. Although Bre Steinfeldt (bass), Cass Nguyen (guitar) and Kiki Schiller (drums) claim that they draw influence from their “heroes” The Dandy Warhols – which is definitely true if you go through the whole EP-, the dissonant opening track of the project, “Someone Else’s Dream,” undeniably possesses a My Bloody Valentine touch. Considering the fact that the track “embodies the feeling of waking up in someone’s bed that you kind of wish you never woke up in,” this hazy, throbbing shoegaze track seems to be a perfect choice to capture this mix of regret and confusion.