Who’s afraid of hard feelings inquires TOVI on new track

TOVI shares the title track from her upcoming EP Hard Feelings, set for release on April 9.

Alberta-born, Toronto-based musician Rebecca Emms aka TOVI fuses contrasting forces on her latest output, pouring an equal measure of light and dark, brisk and calm into the mix. Synths roll in a steadily animated fashion, as it were a single car smoothly drifting down the empty highway late at night. It wouldn’t be hard to get lost in the pleasant melancholy of tender vocals and drift off completely into some neon-lit dreamworlds. But the coarseness of the drums is a periodic reminder of some undefined danger potentially lurking ahead.

TOVI‘s “Hard Feelings” is a call out on self-sabotage; it is a reminder to herself to stop longing for anything that is all too distant and thereby beyond her reach. An article she stumbled upon inspired the track, she explains: “It was talking about people who often find themselves yearning for someone or something that is completely out of their reach, geographically or otherwise. You get to play the victim; you get to avoid change.” The tune is a gentle yet firm push to stop mindlessly floating along and take the steering wheel in your hands.

Natálie Zehnalová