TRACE craves for intimacy in new track “You Don’t Know Me”

Los Angeles-based artist TRACE is definitely in our opinion one of the artists to watch. She doesn’t release really track often, but everytime she shares a song, you can be sure that it is going to be an indie pop gem. In her new single “You Don’t Know Me”, she expresses that feeling of being with someone without really knowing them.

Going for a straight-forward electro-pop vibe, this new single explores new genres for the artist. In her past single “Oh My My“, she was going for a slow beat melancholic structute, while in “You Don’t Know Me”, she gets playful, even singing ironically “I fall in love with everyone”. About the theme of the track, TRACE told us over message:

To really know someone is an intimacy we crave and rarely feel. When we get that chance to get close to someone, we sometimes realize, up close, they aren’t actually someone we like at all.

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Matias Calderon

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