⚡ Travel to the 90s with German artist Ace Tee and “Bist Du Down ?”

Taking the term throwback to a whole new level, rising star Ace Tee takes us directly to the 90s with her debut video for her track “Bist Du Down ?” featuring rapper Kwam.e.

Channelling the energy of artists such as Brandy, TLC or Aaliyah, the Hamburg-based singer explores deeply the nostalgia of the golden era of R&B. For those who don’t speak German, don’t be alarm! The language never sounded this sexy, thanks to her smooth vocals and the sultry production of Plusma. “Bist Du Down ?”, the translation in English “Are You Down?”, comes as the natural follow-up of everything we liked in the 90s: baggy jeans, the choreography and colorful set reminding the playful period of the TLC, as for example in their video “Hat 2 Da Back.”

“Bae, tell me, are you really down for honesty in togetherness” – Ace Tee

The storyline evolves around Ace Tee inviting the guy she likes to join her and be in love. “I’ll catch you and give you a cup of positive vibes and no more headaches” the artist sings, taking her vocals to another new level. Creating quite a commotion in the internet, it is impossible for us not love her, as it reminds us all our childhood. It’s been a few years that 90s R&B is coming back, with many artists quoting that period as their inspiration. But never a video has been this well-executed.

To know a little bit more about her, you can go check her Soundcloud where you can find some more of her exquisite R&B vibe. You can also follow her over Instagram and listen to the audio below.

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