Ultraflex keep it sweaty and sensual on disco cut “Full of Lust”

“Full of Lust” is taken from Ultraflex‘s debut album, Visions of Ultraflex, out October 30 on Street Pulse.

Norway’s Farao and Iceland’s Special-K have teamed up to form Ultraflex, a self-produced duo who twist disco with a lo-fi and offbeat flair. As their debut album Visions of Ultraflex is just around the corner, they’re multiplying the singles, already giving a follow up to the dreamy banger “Never Forget My Baby” (one of our favourite tracks of 2020).

Titled “Full of Lust,” their seductive new offering is one to make you sweat, in any way possible. Reminiscent of the sexual sport metaphors already developed in “Work Out Tonight,” the track also brims with over-the-top 80s arrangements.

The accompanying visuals, once again directed by their Scandinavian fella Okay Kaya, are “showcasing the romantic sport of squash,” in their own words. “See us get slightly out of breath in our local gym Squash 2000”. Watch below.

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