Ultraflex will make you sweat to new track “Work Out Tonight”

“Work Out Tonight” is the second single from the producer-duo’s debut album, Visions of Ultraflex, coming this October on Street Pulse Records.

Over the past several months of living through a global pandemic — and especially now in the United States where a frighteningly large anti-science/anti-truth contingency has managed to politicize the worst public health crisis in a century — there has been an increasing impulse to list all the things we’re grateful for. The roof over our heads, having dinner with our families every night, getting in touch with old friends, and so on. Such a list looks different for everyone, but regardless of our respective situations, today let’s add to this list Ultraflex, the new Norwegian/Icelandic producer super-duo consisting of artists Farao (Kari Jahnsen) and Special-K (Katrín Helga Andrésdóttir).

We wrote about Ultraflex a few months back upon the release of their debut single, “Olympic Sweat.” It may have seemed a curious choice for lead single at the time — all instrumental with the exception of one midway moment where the music cuts out and both women whisper-sing “Ultraflex” in unison — but in retrospect, it was the perfect introduction to their brand. Shimmering synths, phat crisp bass, atmospheric padding, and reverb-y electronic drums all work together to create an irresistible, synthesized dreamscape, at once dancey and yet wholly relaxing. Today, the pair are back with their new single, “Work Out Tonight,” picking up right where their debut left off. The main differences this time around, however, are the presence of the lyrics, the overtly sensual vocals, and the insistence of the arrangement. The pulsing, staccato bass is the foregrounded instrument, unmissable in the mix, while the 80s drums keep everything moving forward. And thematically, there’s no mistaking what they’re getting at; here’s a selection of some particularly choice lyrics:

“Sweat dripping down my face / Stretching my body in various ways”

“1, 2, 3 repeat / 1, 2, 3 breathe”

“I’m gonna make you work it tonight / Gonna make you work out tonight / I’ve seen your body and I know you do it right / And I wanna do it all night”

Theoretically, they could be talking about an exercise class at the gym, but they’re most definitely not, something that becomes even more evident when their songs are heard along with their visual accompaniment. Filmed through what might be described as a soft “80s VHS” filter, the video depicts Farao and Special-K alternately sunbathing and cooling off in a lake, cheekily seducing the camera (or one another) with sultry, breathy vocals and close-ups of their lips — whether those lips are singing or eating a pickle sandwich. It’s simultaneously sexy and absurd, and it’s all part of the attitude, fun, and self-awareness that is Ultraflex. Be on the lookout for their debut album, “Visions of Ultraflex,” this October, and in the meantime check out the “Work Out Tonight” video, which was directed by Okay Kaya.

Jeremy Quist