Una Rose explores family relationships on atmospheric “Resolutions”

Una Rose‘s debut EP, Myth Between, is out November 4.

If you are interested in the Montreal indie pop scene, you might already know Una Rose – real name Rosie Long Decter. The artist, who cut her teeth with the shoegaze project Bodywash, is now readying the release of her debut EP Myth Between. After the smooth indie rock of previous single “Partly”, “Resolutions” is our second taste of this forthcoming release and a welcome expansion into the world of dream pop and electronic.

“Resolutions” came about just as the pandemic was gaining momentum. The song is dedicated to Long Decter‘s father and even though it was made before the world underwent total isolation, it encapsulates the lack of contact between the two.”We did what we usually do—talk politics, watch movies, drink beer. Dad stuff. I began writing ‘Resolutions’ after he left, thinking through our complicated relationship and what I get from our conversations,” adds Rosie. The feeling of hanging on to every recent memory of a person you love, recreating them in your mind just to not feel them gone, is what Una Rose conveys spotlessly in “Resolutions”.

The track has also a pretty captivating sound palette as well. She fuses the organic and digital sounds into one. The synths that begin the song don’t sound too far from an accordion. Some of the speedy drum loops could be taken from a drum ‘n’ bass song, but the song quickly progresses and presents a punchy live percussion afterward. The dreamy keys pair nicely with the heavenly chants in the second half of the song. This symphony of contrasts brings “Resolutions” enough complexity to hold the listener’s attention throughout, but it’s also catchy enough to enjoy the song casually. That alone showcases the songwriting talent of Una Rose, while also delivering an emotional heavy-hitter in the process.

Maxie Gil