Introducing Une Lune and her ethereal ode to ovulating souls “Mois”

“Mois” is taken from Une Lune‘s upcoming debut EP.

Hailing from Brussels, Belgium, bedroom pop newcomer Une Lune’s music sounds like a candle flame gently lighting up the darkness. The dreamy and poetic introspections of her still to be announced debut EP were composed with her piano and her two machines, “after two years of cosmic laboratory,” as she likes to describe her creative process. Taken from her DIY project, the outstanding track “Mois” (“month” in French) is an “ode to ovulating souls.”

“In this song, I open up about my relationship with the menstrual cycle and the emotional waves that accompany it,” she stated about the track. “I try to paint in music the trance of daily life which, I believe, must resonate with more than one person.”