Vania revisits her demons and battles afresh on synth pop track “Wonder”

Electro-pop singer-songwriter Vania returns with heartfelt stoic banger “Wonder”.

Following the release of her DIY synth-pop debut “Surrender” earlier this year, Vania returns with the electrically charged “Wonder”.

Much like her previous offering, “Wonder” possesses a strong DIY sensibility. Vania was drawn to the arts from an early age and began seriously writing her own material in her 20’s from the comfort of her bedroom. Yet the first time she wrote a song for herself was at an eating disorder treatment centre at the request of her therapist.

“Wonder” speaks directly to this period of time and the odd nostalgia that she feels about it. Of the track, she commented: “It was a few years into my recovery and I was frustrated with my progress. I craved the false sense of power that being ill gave me and all I wanted was to return to the place where I’d had the complete care and attention of the people around me. I was worried that this topic would be triggering for myself and for others, but I take comfort in knowing that, rather than resorting to old behaviors, I chose to mourn through my music.”

To match this mood of overcoming and triumph, “Wonder” is fuelled by throbbing drums and a swelling synth section. There’s a dark edge to the song however, that undeniably speaks to the dark time that Vania was having during her struggles. Juxtaposing this darkness, Vania’s infantile and charmingly vulnerable vocals cut through the shadowy underbelly of the song, acting as a beacon of hope and light to the listener. The overall effect is one that shows the beauty of the human condition; the drive to overcome hardships and the will to battle with your own biggest enemy – yourself.

Rachel Chandler