Maisie May lands back in reality after heartache on cut “Colors We Dreamt”

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Maisie May makes good use of her quarantine time with dreamy single “Colors We Dreamt”.

With two stellar dream-pop singles under her belt, 20-year-old Brooklynite Maisie May hasn’t let Covid-19 hold her back from creating music. Her latest track, “Colors We Dreamt,” is a measured and mellow response to a situation in which you’ve been given too many false promises, where you’ve been wronged in a way that you can’t come back from.

Dazzling with simplistic yet heart-wrenching imagery brought on by the lyrics “The way you say/The colors we dreamt were never gonna blend/The way/The polish came between our closing hands”, “Colors We Dreamt” speaks to the hollow emptiness felt in the aftermath of an emotionally manipulative relationship.

“I washed our mornings in the rain,” Maisie May sings, as her own vocals are played over the top of the closing verse. It’s almost like we’re feeling the rain too, like the track is sonically raining down upon us to a cleansing effect.

With an acoustic guitar forming the backbone of the track, layered up with a tinkling electric guitar occasionally for good measure and a sombre, languid drum beat, “Colors We Dreamt” is orchestrated for heartbreak.

Maisie May’s airy voice adds to this feeling of being untethered, almost lost in the ether of pain. For a track that was written, recorded and produced in just three days (with help from Maisie May’s partner Brandon Tong of the ones-to-watch Couch Prints) and in her bedroom no less, “Colors We Dreamt” is a staggeringly realised track.

Much like her previous releases “Flying Without You” and “2 Smart 2 Cry“, “Colors We Dreamt” has a diaristic feeling to it, an approach that has become a signature. These personable reflections are what makes her music so exciting; we recognise ourselves in her vulnerability and turmoil. Despite their very intimate nature, the situations that Maisie May navigates are universal.

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