Vitesse X shares amazing debut album and “Centrifuge Me” visuals

“Centrifuge Me” is taken from Vitesse X‘s Us Ephemeral out now on 100% Electronica.

Vitesse X‘s debut album, Us Ephemeral, is one of our favourite records of early 2022. The 100% Electronica rave-pop signee shared a bunch of great tracks ahead of the release (“Us Ephemeral,” “Potential Energy,” “Therma Maxima,” and “Repress Reprise“) and now we can add yet another entry to the list – her newest single “Centrifuge Me”.

“I made this track in the dead of winter during the pandemic last year,” she explained. “I was super isolated, spending most of my time in my basement studio, feeling just incredibly stir crazy. I reached a point where I was basically craving chaos, just wanting to see the monotony shaken up. So this track is basically a snapshot of what was going through my body and mind at the time.”

The swirling track also comes with a Nick Krueger-directed video. Watch and get your copy of the album via Bandcamp below.

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