Vitesse X teases new era with shoegaze demo “Nouns”

Vitesse X‘s “Nouns” is out via Music Website.

Before transforming into the enigmatic ethereal producer and DJ we now recognize as Vitesse X, Jordan Stern toured was a touring guitarist for Heavenly Beat. In 2016, Stern collaborated with John Peña to co-write “Nouns.” Releasing this shoegaze demo just a few days ago, she aims to rekindle her indie roots and introduce a new era of sound. The hazy track comes with a video, courtesy of Chris Burden, of which Stern stated: “This was filmed in a few different locations around the city – neighborhoods that I lived in, and places that I frequented around the time this song was written. I wanted it to be a portal into my life back in 2016 (when this song was written) which was a time of silent reflection for me, a time where I felt like I was perpetually wandering and desperately seeking meaning. Working through past trauma in a state of cyclical isolation, but somehow finding a sense of beauty and awe throughout it all.”