Xelli Island unveils thrumming electro-pop track “02 20 20”

Xelli Island‘s self-released new track, “02 20 20,” is out today.

Lianna Vanicelli AKA Xelli Island has dropped her latest shimmering slice of electro pop goodness in the form of single “02 20 20”. Complete with her signature mixture of sweetness and razor sharp observations, the track adds to her brand of “sentimental alien dream pop”.

About “02 20 20,” Lianna Vanicelli detailed: “It written during a really unique peak of momentum in my life, earlier this year. It’s about experiencing serendipity. I was adjusting to a new routine and thinking about the millions of little things that have to work properly in order for anything to happen, (like every tiny part on my car functioning to find a parking spot to get on the train on time, the train running on time to get to work at the restaurant on time for a busy serving shift that is a monster in itself, so that I can make enough money to support myself, so that I can continue to live here and create music, and so on…)”.

Xelli Island‘s new track recalls the thrumming vibes of Lykke Li, emanating that kind of enigmatic Scandinavian energy. It’s an overarchingly positive song, built around the idea that as people and friends, “we continuously lift each other up and it is truly the most beautiful and productive support system.”

Musically, “02 20 20” is simple yet insanely catchy. The 8-bit sounding synths and the glitchy vocal hook channel a retro-futuristic aesthetic. Xelli Island incorporates elements that bring to mind the greatness of Grimes, specifically in the soaring, high pitched and often infantile style vocal work.

“02 20 20” flits around daringly, gaining traction until it becomes the perfect swirling mass of electro-pop magic. Listen below.

Rachel Chandler

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