Xelli Island returns with an ode to self-acceptance “FLUTTER”

Xelli Island‘s new song, “FLUTTER,” is out today via Flexible Distribution.

Last year, we fell under the charm of Lianna Vanicelli aka Xelli Island‘s homemade dream-pop. Her expertise in catchy hooks (“O2 20 20“) and sweet yet devastating songwriting (“Sometimes“) really shined throughout her debut EP, Meet Me At The Waterfall. This exploration of contrasts is once again very present in “FLUTTER,” a single that opens a new era for the Los Angeles-based up and coming talent. An ode to accepting yourself as an imperfect being, with your own strengths and flaws, the bare offering recalls that both darkness and light are part of our life.

In echo to the song, the Olivia Purugganan-directed video also keeps it simple and sincere. “We filmed it in our friend’s backyard at night with a bunch of colored lights and had a lot of fun with it,” explained Vanicelli. “It has this whole “emo fairy emerging from the darkness vibe” that I love. The song intentionally leaves a lot of room for interpretation but to me it’s about evolving and breaking free from what you know isn’t good for you, accepting all parts of yourself, not taking life too seriously, and always pushing forward towards growth.

Watch the video, buy the track via Bandcamp and listen to the gorgeous a capella version of the “FLUTTER” chorus below.