Yelle shared wacky video for new track “Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now)”

French band Yelle have always been one of our personal favorite, thanks to their catchy pop and very fun visuals. A year after their last video, they are back with “Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now)” where they explore the beauty of the everyday life.

Taking place in a random suburb, you get to follow Julie Budet‘s (the singer) pretty normal life, alongside comedian Nathan Barnatt who was already behind the video of the remix by Madeon for “Que Veux Tu”. While the singer is enjoying her life taking coffee, exercising or doing normal chores, the comedian enjoys being a mess, doing dance moves around her.

About the track, Yelle explained:

After 3 albums and crazy intense touring over the world, we felt we needed to pause, not looking at the past or being in loops about what is next all the time, no, instead we want to be connected to the present. Here and Now. That’s exactly the idea behind the song. that’s our state of mind. Being simply and fully in the moment.

The video reflects that, it’s very here & now, super extra normal! We made it with our friend Nathan Barnatt who we met a few years ago after he’d done a ‘fan’ video of our “Que Veux tu” song remixed by Madeon.

Normcore to the four on the floor!

You can follow Yelle on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. You can listen to the audio below.

Matias Calderon

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