⚡ Gourmet shares fun weird electronic track “Delicious”

We have been following the career of the weird artist Gourmet since the release of the exciting debut EP “Cashmere” where he mixes all of different genres creating exciting pop. With his new single “Delicious”, he transports us to the clubs to make us dance like fools.

To create simple yet catchy choruses seems to be the domain of expertise for the artist. “Yes, I’m delicious” is repeated so many times that you find yourself repeating it over and over again in your head. In many ways, Gourmet is clearly inspired by other artists but still keeping his own surreal identity: he can be compared to Shamir thanks to his unstoppable and infectious production, to Prince for the attention he dedicates into the imagery, to finally Uffie for the aloofness he has in his singing, to make it sound completely effortless. In the end, the track is an overwhelmingly good indie dance track. The best asset of “Delicious” resides on its originality. In a period where all of the pop songs on the radios sound alike, there is literally no other song that sounds like this release.

Gourmet will transport you into his weird and appealing pop universe with his new track “Delicious”

Constructed around calculated messiness, the vocals of the artist take you to his weird planet where no one else but him lives. It can be a rollercoaster for most of you, but trust me, it will be not be a disappointing journey. The artist main focus on this track might be to throw all of the listener’s emotions into turmoil. The extreme take on the electronic sounds could be disturbing for some, a dealbreaker for others, the only answer for sure is that Gourmet creates a strong reaction by the listener.

You can follow him over Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

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