March 2016

LUH – Beneath The Concrete

We fell in fell with the new project by Ebony Hoorn and Ellery James Roberts called Lost Under Heaven or more commonly LUH, since the beginning. With their new track “I&I“, they won our hearts and now they have shared a brand new track “Beneath The Concrete”.


In one side, we have the aesthetic of some representatives of PC Music like QT or Sophie who use a lot of colours and are in a way really joyful, keeping it very fun. In the other side GFOTY is more like the goth friend we all had in our crew when we were teenagers. She is always dressed in black, don’t smile much and don’t have the same spirit as the rest, but somehow thanks to her humour, she is really fun to hang out with. She recently released via the label her EP “VIPOTY” that contains 4 songs like “Amazing” and also a new film that goes with it.

Neon Indian – Techno Clique (Video)

It is not a big surprise that we are big fans of Neon Indian and his latest album “VEGA INTL. Night School“. Not one but two tracks of that album made it in our Top 100 of 2015 : Slumlord” and “Annie“. He continues the promotion of that album with an insane video for his track “Techno Clique”.


A.K. Paul – Landcruisin’

The Paul brothers (A.K. and Jai) and their associate Muz Azar recently founded the collective Paul.Institute. The idea behind this

Sevdaliza – Marilyn Monroe (Video)


Marilyn Monroe” is THE song that made us love the Dutch artist Sevdaliza. It was released 9 months ago but benefits now of a futuristic/3D video.

Cross Record – Lemon


Our favourite Texas-based husband-and-wife duo Cross Record came out with one of the best albums we’ve heard since 2016 started. “Wabi-Sabi” is minimalist post-rock, an eerie record that manages to pack a punch in a tiny sonic space. New single “Lemon” is no exception.

Lido Pimienta – Agua (Los Cabellos de tu Madre)


She comes from one of the most fertile nations on earth, a green place where life cross-pollinates in every direction, and it shows. Toronto-based Colombian musician Lido Pimienta is not the kind of artist you can describe through simple categories. She operates at the surprising intersection between electronica and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, which she melts and reshapes in gorgeous blurry-bordered hybrids. “Agua”, the first single off her long-awaited sophomore album “La Papessa”, is one of those experiments.

POOLSIDE ECHO – We Will Grow (Video)

This springtime just got more tropical. We just discovered the debut single by the fresh new band Pooside Echo from Ghent. Only formed at the end of last year, but already they got noticed in some of the better music rallies in Belgium. With a background in indie-pop, singer Xavier De Clercq reveals a more mature side of himself in “We Will Grow”.