Pecas’ “Talking To Myself” is a mesmerizing song of lost lust

“Talking To Myself” is taken from pecas’ debut album, due out in 2022.

Brooklyn-based artist Sandy Davis, aka Pecas, has always found a mystifying way of combining lo-fi pop with R&B. While many have married these two bedroom-destined genres, rarely is an artist as scrupulous, sensual, or stand-out with their songwriting and performance. Ahead of the release of her debut album, her latest single, “Talking To Myself,” features one of her most captivating emotional performances to date.

While at a standard three and a half minutes, the amount of sonic variance and detail within this span is quite honestly dumbfounding. There’s clattering percussion that sputters away over the ruminous bassline, synth melodies inspired by peak-era Stevie Wonder, even an ornate harpsichord towards the backend that wonderfully compliments the lustful mood.

Pecas’s songs have always carried her smoky, sensual voice, but here her grasp of intimacy has reached new heights. She lets every word linger off the tongue, letting them land gently on her lips before sending them into the ether. It sends chills down your spine – the kind that comes from someone moving their hand through your hair. Yet the lyrics penetrate deep, leaving the subject of her affection to brood in the truth – “You of all people. I’m looking for the hand I gave you when you had nobody else/But I’m talking to myself and I’m talking to you, do you hear me? Help, baby help me.”

Listen to “Talking To Myself” below. You can purchase the single on her Bandcamp page.

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