Anna Erhard takes us back to the quirky 90s with “Campsite”

Today we’re premiering the video to “Campsite,” the title track off Anna Erhard‘s upcoming album, out September 9.

Anna Erhard is a Berlin-based singer-songwriter with a lot of stories to tell. A highly accomplished lyricist, Erhard writes indie-pop songs uncluttered in form yet knotty in content. Her music is fairly reminiscent of Courtney Barnett‘s early material, with a vocal delivery that, although heavily indebted to sprechgesang, never really renounces melody.

Back in 2021, Erhard released her first studio album, Short Cut. Spearheaded by the brilliant break-up anthem “This Is It”, Short Cut was a nine-song collection of guitar-based tunes that showcased Erhard‘s knack for pairing catchy melodies with resonating lyrics. Now, Erhard has announced that her follow-up record, Campsite, is coming out on September 9.

Anna Erhard had already released three singles off her new album, but none of them was as impressive as her latest offering, which also happens to be the record’s title track. A novelty song about camping, “Campsite” sees Erhard doubling down on the spoken-word witticisms she has always drawn upon over a background of playful guitar noodling. “Campsite” could easily pass for a Weird Al song: it includes lines about mosquito bites and waking up to the sound of flip-flops, and there’s even an acoustic-guitar-by-the-campfire interlude thrown in for good measure. It’s all great fun, particularly when combined with the quirky, Spike Jonze-esque video directed by Moris Freiburghaus.

Watch “Campsite” below, stream it on your favourite outlet, and pre-order the album via Bandcamp below.

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