Vince Staples Prima Donna Cover

Vince Staples – Prima Donna EP

There is a rift in the hip-hop community between what some break down into two types of modern rap. The first type is what many see as the overly-saturated, money talking, grandiosely violent and misogynistic “mainstream.” The second type is what hip hop “purists” deem “conscious hip-hop.” Some consider the former to be a cancer to the iconic original genre, but many others refuse to demonize either form. Vince Staples, however, is one of the artists who straddle the line between these two current major leagues, as his last EP “Prima Donna” demonstrates it.


Joey Bada$$- Devastated

New York’s favorite badass is back, and he’s on top of the world. Joey Bada$$, leader of one of the East Coast’s premiere hip-hop collectives Pro Era, has released a new track titled “Devastated.” Its mood is not devastating at all, however, for this is a song of hope.

Fringe Character – Alpine Eyes

The up and coming group Fringe Character don’t call themselves a “hip-hop band.” Rather, they consider themselves a “crew.” This may seem like a trivial detail, but it means much more. With a brand new independent album out called “MINT,” this group’s talent truly comes alive on “Alpine Eyes.”

Mayzin shares the amazing “I Found You”

There is an up and coming artist that has grabbed the attention of many hip-hop fans lately via the internet. 20 year old Mayzin, a product of the Oakland and San Diego areas has generated over 75,000 online plays in less than two weeks with his January 30th independent release “Something I Wanted”. While these may be modest numbers in some regards, they are a testament to the meaningful brand of hip-hop Mayzin is capable of. While some of “Something I Wanted” shows need for improvement, the impressive track “I Found You” shows a great deal of promise and potential.

Chance The Rapper – How Great

The amazing Chance The Rapper’s ability to compose great hip-hop songs has been seen several times over the past few years of his young career. From his first project “10 Day”, to his hit mixtape “Acid Rap”, to his part in the critically acclaimed “Surf“, several stand-out tracks have emerged. Tracks like “Pusha Man” and “Favorite Song” off “Acid Rap” were stuck in the heads of mainstream and indie internet hip-hop fans alike. “Surf”’s “Sunday Candy” had iTunes buzzing and new Chance fans bursting out of the woodwork. Now comes “Coloring Book”, a whole new set of tracks branded with Chance’s signature flare; and “How Great” is a perfect example.


Schoolboy Q – Groovy Tony

There is something haunting about Schoolboy Q‘s video for “Groovy Tony”, but also something very beautiful. The song itself is very dark and gritty, focusing on the character’s rage in the streets and stand-alone attitude, and the video follows suit. Nevertheless, make no mistake, this is art.