Becca Mancari ruminates over sexuality and religion on single “Hunter”

Tennessee-via-New York artist Becca Mancari releases latest single “Hunter” on Captured Tracks.

As origin stories go, Becca Mancari has an inordinately intriguing one. Having grown up in an extremely religious environment, one that was so strict in fact that it skirted the borders of “cult-like”, she now revisits this time sonically on her latest track “Hunter”. After the success of her debut album Good Woman in 2017, and her projects with Bermuda Triangle which also includes Brittany Howard, her upcoming album (produced by Zac Farro formerly of Paramore and a current member of HalfNoise) will indeed hone in on her past and delve into the depths of her upbringing.

On “Hunter”, Becca Mancari ruminates over her relationship with someone from her church. He taught her guitar, but upon learning that she was gay, he started stalking her and sending her abusive and threatening letters. There’s a persisting, pulsing beat stemming from the heavy bass work. This creates quite a menacing aura at times as if it’s mimicking a heavy presence that it’s easy to imagine a cultish environment also would.

Also harkening to Becca Mancari’s religious background are the thoughtfully strummed acoustic guitars. When combined with the shakers and the rising and falling cadence of the track, it emulates the core sound of a lot of acoustic, religious music. It’s not only a nod to her upbringing, but also a subversion as the track develops. The quiet plucking of the guitar makes way for trilling synths and a more scuzzy, warped riff; it’s a sonic shift from the oppressive cult-like way in which she was raised.

Musically, this heavier guitar interlude in “Hunter” acts as a possible reflection of Becca Mancari breaking away from the confines of strict religion and finding her own voice and sound. The lyrics “I am the prophet/I am the saviour” reiterates this, as she centred herself first and foremost, recognising her own power and her ability to redefine her path.

Becca Mancari’s voice teeters on the edge of playful and powerful. There’s a near taunting edge to her voice when she sings “Well you’re never gonna track me down/No you’re never gonna find me out,” as if she’s challenging the church member to find her, knowing that she’s untouchable. There’s also power and grit in her voice when she croons “I am the prophet/I am the saviour.” Just by hearing her declaratives, it’s evident that Becca Mancari has found her own power and refuses to be “Hunted”. Watch the video and get the track via Bandcamp below.

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