Benz is sweetly reflective on upcoming EP’s title-track “Erazor”

“Erazor” is taken from Benz’ upcoming EP due out February 15 on Better Call Rob.

Just two singles deep, Swedish artist Ebba Salomonsson has curated a breathy, nostalgia-tinged vision of what her project Benz is to be. Full of reflection, the Swedish songwriter’s combination of dreamy, overdriven guitar with sweetly crooning vocals is evocative at least, having the airy feel of change about it that could easily soundtrack the poignant, defining moment in a coming-of-age tale. About moving to a new city, Erazor’s edge is its sense of fearful excitement, capturing the due trepidation, uncertainty and exhilaration this kind of change demands.

The almost haze-like quality is borne in her sound, but seeps into the technical and visual aspects of her artistry, too. Treating her songwriting as a palette that is constantly added to through life experience and collaboration, Salomonsson’s pensive lyrics gather their own distinctive colour. On her previous single “The Smile”, she recruited Ebba Ågren of Wy to work on visuals, bringing her narratives to life in a way adds multiple perspectives. Her upcoming debut EP Erazor is awash with experience, from its cathartic and hopeful glances backwards, to the questions she poses to herself “How did I get to know you / how do I keep close?” Through it all, Benz makes sure to stay rooted in the present, however, and writes about looking back while driving firmly forward.

Addison Paterson

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