Queer artist Cachorro teases debut album with melancholic “Serpiente”

"Serpiente" is taken from Cachorro's upcoming debut album Mitología del Amor.

Spanish artist Cachorro Lozano, also known as Cachorro, is set to release his first album Mitología del Amor (Mythology of Love) by the end of this year. A Madrid-based singer, producer, and visual artist deeply in touch with Spanish queer culture (especially on Instagram), Cachorro has been making art since he was 16. Produced by fellow Bilbao native and recording artist LARVBA, “Serpiente” is a sparse electronic track reminiscent of Arca. Softly carried by autotuned vocals, the song is meant to be a prophecy to an ex-lover. Given that it was inspired by Greek tragedies and that “Serpiente” means “snake” in Spanish, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s not a particularly positive prophecy. Though there’s not much resembling actual melodies, there is a prescient sense of melancholy throughout, well reflected by the pensive synths lifting the artist’s vocals.

The video for the song (warning, it contains heavy strobe lights and it is guaranteed to make you dizzy) features Cachorro spinning around on a pedestal base as if he were a collector’s plastic figurine while he imitates two snakes copulating and fighting at the same time. If you’re wondering whether it is a bit much, yes, it is. It is completely worth it, though, and it is a beautiful pairing with such an abstract and floaty experimental, song.

You can stream the Alejandria-directed video below and be ready for the snake to bite Spotify anytime soon. You can also go to Cachorro’s website to browse and buy his (very NSFW) clothes and paintings: highlights include a pair of cotton slips saying “Echo de menos tu polla” (“I miss your cock”) at the bottom, a perfect present for the self-isolation period.

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