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Promis3 Blue Eiffel 65

Belgian queer pop duo Promis3 depict the darkest shades of “Blue”

Promis3‘s new track “Blue” is out on Simulated Paradise. Consisting of Belgian producer Andras Vleminckx and singer Brent Dielen, Promis3

Eyemèr - On My Own

Eyemèr’s “On My Own” is a delicate defense of introversion

Eyemèr responds to the darkness of the world and shines a light on the rest of us with new single

Ascendant Vierge Influenceur

Ascendant Vierge, or when goth-pop meets gabber

Ascendant Vierge‘s debut track “Influenceur” is out now. Ascendant Vierge is a new transnational and trans-musical duo formed by Brussels-based

Brussels-based producer Sc Ar shares WTF visuals for debut single “Sippin'”

Sc Ar‘s debut single “Sippin’” is out now via Kitsuné Musique. Formerly composer in the indie-pop band Insecte, Parisian-via-Brussels artist

Atome Devenir Une Fille

Brussels band ATOME share summery, soothing new song “Devenir Une Fille”

Atome‘s new song, “Devenir Une Fille,” is taken from their debut album Voie Lactée. A Brussels-based duo consisting of Remy

Asia Church music

Let Belgian singer-songwriter Asia take you to “Church”

Belgian singer-songwriter Asia leans into sparseness and spirituality on “Church,” a superb track from her debut EP. Out now on

O.R.A. Extase video

O.R.A. announce debut album with mesmeric and burning “Extase” video

O.R.A.‘s self-released debut album is due out May 2019. Brussels five-piece electronica rock band O.R.A. – read Organic Random Atmosphere

RIVE Fauve video

Brussels indie pop duo RIVE announce debut album, share “Fauve” video

RIVE‘s debut album Narcose is out March 1, 2019 on ART-I. Brussels-based French duo RIVE, comprising Juliette Bossé and Kévin