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Faon Faon – Faon Faon EP

Brussels-based duo Faon Faon won the Belgian competition “Du F. dans le texte”, which is dedicated to French-speaking contemporary music


Drew Famous – Running In Place

Ironically, you’ve probably never heard of Drew Famous. However, the 16-year-old Virginia rapper is trying to change that with the


Dawn Richard – Redemption

In the early 60s, Andy Warhol painted his famous Campbell’s soup tins. If you were to see these images without

Henry Hall My Friends Don't Like Me EP review

Henry Hall – My Friends Don't Like Me EP

American artist Henry Hall has been releasing content pretty consistently for the past couple years now. His new EP “My


Yellow Days – Harmless Melodies EP

George van den Broek has just published his debut EP on Good Years, under the name of his musical identity


NVDES – Life With Lobsters EP

After a slew of singles over the last couple years, NVDES have finally released an EP via B3SCI Records. The


Kevin Abstract – American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story

Please buy my album so I can get braces. It was the plea Kevin Abstract made to the world via


Tallisker – Heliotrop EP

Glasgow-based producer Tallisker released her new “Heliotrop EP” on Friday, following up the release of first single “Salanfe“, with the