Crack Cloud get enticingly insane on “CRACKIN UP”

Crack Cloud‘s new track, “CRACKIN UP,” is taken from their Pain Olympic series.

In May, we found ourselves impressed with Crack Cloud’s colorful, quirky work on “The Next Fix“. Now, barely a month later, the Candian outfit has us impressed all over again with the off-the-wall, experimental track and accompanying video for “CRACKIN UP”. If they’d ever been holding back on feral, unchecked creative energy in the past, there’s certainly no holding back now.

“The Next Fix” marked a slight departure from a post-punk sound toward one with some definite veins of hip-hop running through it. “CRACKIN UP” sees the group, a self-proclaimed “asylum for the disenfranchised”, pushing their sound to the limits – still conducting a high-voltage punk current, while venturing out into territories that don’t quite fit any label you could think to apply.

Chaotic is certainly a word that comes to mind listening to this one, with a mishmash of different synths constantly fighting one another and vocals that range from expressive spoken word to a pitched down monologue delivered by a noosed head in the sky. And yet, a listening and viewing experience seemingly devoid of discernible rhyme or reason perfectly suits the song’s themes of alienation, indoctrination, and radicalism. As with any experimental art, “CRACKIN UP” is all about the feelings it stirs up.

The second instalment in Crack Cloud’s Pain Olympic series, “CRACKIN UP” succeeds “The Next Fix” as another excellent exercise in originality, flair, and boundary-pushing.

Jonathan Vilardi

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