Dolphin Midwives’ “Break” is a perfect exercise in ambient experimentation

“Break” is taken from Dolphin Midwives‘s upcoming album, Body of Water, out July 9th on Beacon Sound.

Sage Fisher is an Oregon-based songwriter and harpist who records music as Dolphin Midwives. Fisher’s music traverses an uncanny territory somewhere in-between art pop and ambient. Electronic loops, impossibly high-pitched vocals, and frantic percussive beats all converge to conjure up a sound of its own. It would be easy to say that Fisher’s songs resist definition, but it’s much more than that. That resistance is songs’ true heart. Her compositions fall apart and break up as they go; just when you’re finally allowed to grasp them, they vanish and become something else.

It’s no wonder, then, that Dolphin Midwives’ latest single is called “Break”. One of the singles off her new album Body of Water, “Break” is a perfect encapsulation of everything that Fisher stands for. The initial emphasis on her voice, pristine and piercing against a cluttered electronic background, eventually gives way to shattered fragments of songs, loops that could be played for eternity but that you only end up hearing for a couple of seconds. It’s not far from being a modern adaptation of some of the most unsettling material you can hear on The Caretaker’s Everywhere at The End of Time, which means that it’s absolutely fantastic. Fisher has claimed that Body of Water will see her going in a more experimental direction; “Break” lives up to her words and then some.