Foreign Body Sensation aims for the eerie with “Ventilator”

Foreign Body Sensation‘s new track, “Ventilator,” is out via Dune Altar.

Dune Altar is a California-based label with eclecticism as its central ethos. Ranging from dream pop to hardcore punk, their catalogue’s only commitment is with left-field politics and boundaries-pushing music. One of their latest signings is Louie Schultz, who makes electronic music under the name Foreign Body Sensation. Earlier this year, he released Textures, an ambient EP that played around with drones and silence. Now, Foreign Body Sensation is putting out a proper debut album – titled The Echo Is in Code. The nine-track collection sees Schultz exploring the different shapes of modern electronic through his love of analogue synths.

The lead single off the album, “Ventilator” remains within the range of ambient. However, it’s a focused and compact track, one that deviates from the abstract looseness of what we had heard from Foreign Body Sensation. Enlisting Keeley Bumford from More Giraffes and Dresage, Schultz has conjured up a fascinating track by placing tiny fragments of chopped-up vocals on top of the foghorn-sounding instrument giving shape to the song. By the end of the track, all the sounds dissolve into one, achieving a powerful sense of the eerie. Like many of the masters of electronic music, Schultz is trained in classical music, and he combines his ear for melody and harmony with an ingenious appetite for unearthing new sounds. The Echo Is in Code is out on September 17th, and you can order it either in digital format or on cassette through Dune Altar.