Gerdie’s “Cheese Lovers” is a perfect no-frills summer tune

Gerdie‘s new track, “Cheese Lovers,” is out via Shulls Farm.

Gerdie’s getting to know herself”. That’s all we know about Gerdie, a mysterious figure who debuted last year with “On The Morrow” and has been steadily putting out new singles since. To be honest, it makes complete sense for the project to be an anonymous affair. Gerdie makes the sort of unpretentious, slacker indie rock that dominated a good part of music festival line-ups for the past decade – think Mac DeMarco without the insufferable shitbag persona. It’s as prosaic as rock can get, and not in a dismissive way: there are good reasons why this sort of stuff never really goes out of style.

Gerdie’s latest single, “Cheese Lovers”, is a perfect example of the above. It’s not particularly quirky or idiosyncratic music, just good old meat and potatoes guitar pop about getting haircuts, falling in love, and in sitting in the sunshine. “Cheese Lovers” has all the ingredients for a perfect no-frills summer tune: you’ve got your nice melody, an uncomplicated guitar part to go with, and some nice vocal harmonies to top it all off, all well soaked in reverb of course. It’s the kind of song that just flows; there’s no point in talking in terms of verses and choruses. It happens, and then it ends, and then you play it again.