Good Morning TV provide “Entertainment” on their latest release

French indie pop band Good Morning TV comment on the attention economy with the Marina Abramović-inspired video for “Entertainment.”

Good Morning TV is certifiably cool. Case in point: their enigmatic band name is a reference to a Blur track. Their self-titled EP, released in 2016, served as a tease for the full-length album they’ve been hinting at with creative releases that have been pushed out this year. Their latest single “Entertainment”– along with the cheeky music video that pays homage to performance artist Marina Abramović— is a welcome addition to the group’s quickly growing oeuvre.

“Entertainment” begins with a lazy, freewheeling electric guitar. Simultaneously, the video opens with Alizée Gamberini and Kahina Mounier sitting in matching white tank tops with a long, black braid that snakes from one of their heads to the other. Though the two take turns singing into the camera, they never face one another– connected by their hair, but never truly seeing eye to eye. The opening lyrics showcase lackadaisical singing paired with biting lyrics, “My eyes are still closed / I would rather not see / The distress and despair / You call reality.” The song continues, with the girls mouthing, “Nobody looks each other in the eyes. / They’re too afraid to face / The reflection of their mind.” The song reaches its final refrain, “Outstanding shows everywhere / I”m begging for some quiet now. / Entertainment is for those / Who stand alone.” They begin to tug at the hair that connects them, fighting for ultimate control as a guitar solo accompanies the tug of war. The grungy guitar wouldn’t be out-of-place serving as the backing to a particularly groovy Mac Demarco or Courtney Barnett track, while the whispery lyrics recall the vocals of a Beach House or Tame Impala hit song. The track’s catchy sound alongside the provocative music video spells a solid and exciting release.

However, the content of the video and lyrics point to a more serious message about the ways in which the modern-day entertainment industry can monopolize attention while keeping audiences isolated. While “Entertainment” is certainly a fun track, it also utilizes 90s tropes to send the message that this problem with media isn’t a new one at all. If we can’t find a way to take back control from the “outstanding shows everywhere,” they may tug too hard past a point of no return.

Grab your popcorn and check out the video for Good Morning TV‘s “Entertainment” below. “Entertainment” is taken from their debut album Small Talk, out June 18 on Géographie Recs.

Claire Greising