Guard wants you to disconnect on ‘Cables’

If you haven’t come across Guard (aka Joel Turner), a Melbourne-based swimming teacher and memefied artist, now is the time to get familiar.

Yielding impeccably blended R&B and electronic music, his latest release ‘Cables’ (via Atlantic Imprint label EFFESS) is an infectious tune that couldn’t be more appropriate in the season and musical era we’re in now. Guard‘s ‘Cables’ is indeed a chill, electronic-accented summer-jam following current trends with skittering hi-hats and just the right amount of auto-tune in the vocals. This anti-technology anthem provides for an easy-going and appealing listen by playfully but inspiringly inviting us to play hide and seek in order to go back to the essence of what can set us free from cables and technology.

In the song’s opening lines, Guard denounces technology’s grip on our generation. More specifically, its destructive aspect in a relationship as he told Popcrush, “‘Cables’ is about connection and disconnection. It’s about a yearning for a relationship outside of technology.”

Now follow me like a recipe / No more talking through these fucking screens / Drinking tea while I’m blowing trees / Plant a seed, it could set us free / I’m saying, fuck this technology / Let’s play a game of hide and seek

Technology is moving so fast with an exponential rate of innovation and its impact on our relationships and intimacy is simply inevitable by virtue of us being on our screens all day and what Guard sings about is an everyday struggle everyone has to deal with.

Guard‘s new single ‘Cables’ denounces technology’s grip on our generation.

Unsurprisingly produced by Terror Jr., Felix Snow‘s band, we can instantly recognise the L.A based producer’s trademark production as we hear the former’s familiar choppy-but-chill electronic production with Guard‘s vocals effortlessly sliding in through the bouncy percussion employed. Behind a lot of successful artists and jams in the past few years including Kiiara‘s ‘Gold‘, Felix Snow perpetually manages to make his collaborators sound good by combining contemporary, sunny productions and catchy hooks which from Felix and Joel is exactly what we’ve come to expect.

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Ironically, I urge you to turn your attention to Guard now and follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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