Hater explore social awkwardness in comeback single “Bad Luck”

Hater‘s new single, “Bad Luck,” is out via Fire Records.

Malmö dreamy indie band Hater have just returned with the first single since their 2020 track “Sift.” A lulling examination about how relationships work and how to communicate in them, “Bad Luck” also addresses the return to social life after months of confinement. As an introspective human being, it’s not always easy to deal with all these things social, even more after such a long break. “The song is about some kind of social awkwardness between myself and new faces,” explains Caroline Landahl. “Feeling left out due to not knowing how to read a situation but also not wanting to know more than I should.” Expressing also the apprehension and excitement of getting back on stage, “Bad Luck” also comes with a Jacob Nilsson-directed video shot at the Pallidum theatre in Malmö.

Hater are currently working on their next album, due out next year.

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