Jennifer Vanilla offers a glimpse of their heavenly world with “Body Music”

Jennifer Vanilla‘s new track, “Body Music,” is out now via Sinderlyn Records.

Jennifer Vanilla has created an extremely charismatic, fun, and eye-catching persona in only a few years since going solo. Once a part of the experimental Brooklyn pop band Ava Luna, Jennifer has taken a turn into the more conceptual territory when it comes to their musical presence. They describe themselves as a humanoid alien-musician who has only just been connected with their physical body. Hailing from the far-away land of “Jenniferia”, Vanilla‘s main power is of course making music – and on their new single “Body Music”, they offer a glimpse of the heavenly world they came from.

The song is a groovy crossover between house, art-pop, and dance-pop that reminds one of Charlotte Adigéry‘s recent work. At first, you might be excused for thinking that its power lies in its relative instrumental simplicity. The steady kick-hat-clap-hat pattern, piano chords, and synth bass melody bring just enough to make your head bop. Yet as the song progresses, it recruits dreamy keys and saxophone, which – alongside a rich vocal performance – conjure up a fantastic and otherworldly atmosphere.

Throwing everything at their reach into the pot, Jennifer Vanilla pairs a near-robotic spoken-word intro with a minimalistic chorus and hypnotic beats, creating a fusion as unlikely as it is effective. By subverting sugary aesthetics, they’re following hyperpop’s ideological ethos; however, their sound reaches territory yet unexplored by the PC Music troupe. With undeniable charisma, Jennifer Vanilla delivers an ear-warming and off-kilter dance tune.

Maxie Gil