Boyish navigate ugly breakups on “FUCK YOU HEATHER”

Boyish‘s “FUCK YOU HEATHER” is the latest release by New York label Invertebrate.

“Now I don’t even know you / lost your name in a shitstorm I caused,” sings 22-year old India Shore, who is a member of the alt-country and queer project Boyish, which she started with guitarist Claire Altendhal.

Following up to “Ghost” and “zodiac killer,” “FUCK YOU HEATHER” combines anger and resentment with that pure, early 20s confusion about how relationships should (or shouldn’t) function. The track starts with an indie-acoustic, summer-lovin’ guitar tune, courtesy of Altendhal, with Shore crooning sweet nothings until you realise that “FUCK YOU HEATHER” is not a love song – it’s a breakup bop.

Boyish take the listener through a mirage of built-up emotions (anger, remorse, hope) and through various stages of grief experienced while ending a relationship. There is the obvious pain and guilt, as well as denial and bargaining (“We could be friends / we could be friends…”).

A cathartic moment comes when Shore screams the titular “Fuck you Heather”, followed by the spiralling sounds of bass, synthesisers and drums, heavily contrasted by the minimal, calm start of the tune.

Overall, this new track is not that different from their previous releases. On the other hand, it marks a certain breakthrough in manifesting more negative emotions through their music in a level of self-awareness that is rarely seen in even much older musicians. Listen below.

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