JORDANN wins gold in bedroom pop with “Funk Olympics”

With a seductive groove, sensual vocals and a sultry synth, JORDANN goes for the gold with his latest single “Funk Olympics.”

Montreal-based musician JORDANN has gradually accrued a discography of bedroom pop bops, all featuring funky overtones and the smoothest of production. “Funk Olympics” only adds to this, becoming one of the most soigne songs of his bunch. The attention to detail here is fastidious, as each percussive tick, synth flourish and vocal note appears in the exact spot needed to keep the track pulsing with life. As he sings of forgetting the world around him when with his lover, so too will the listener forget about their world as they’re swept up into the song’s irresistible charms.

The music video to the track is also wonderful. Starring the artist, we see JORDANN train for the Olympic Games in Tokyo outside Montreal’s famed Olympic Stadium. He bikes around the globe, from the Taj Mahal to the Pyramids of Giza, eventually landing in Tokyo to represent Canada with pride. Ultimately, he achieves his goal in hilarious fashion, as we find out he’s competing in a Mario Kart race against the likes of Toad. You can watch the video and purchase the single below.

Zach Zollo