Just Milk debuts off-kilter and ethereal new track “Carry Your Weight”

Dive into Just Milk‘s “Carry Your Weight” now before it goes live on streaming platforms tomorrow.

“Carry Your Weight” is a new track from Portland-based electronic musician Just Milk. The experimental pop artist wrote the song while traveling around the world, and finished it at the beginning of the pandemic. “Carry Your Weight” sounds like memories of that time – too far away, ethereal, and half-real to be only a year ago.

The song is a supremely dreamy vibe – a bit surreal, off-kilter, even psychedelic, but no less warm because of it. It’s a bed of comforting fuzzy pads, bubbling bass, pitched vocal chops fluttering back and forth across the width of the stereo. Just Milk’s dreamy folk vocals float just above this instrumental world, singing about letting go and being yourself. The chorus is remarkably hypnotic, compelling the listener to lie back in the river of the song and float away in it.

The combination of pitched vocals and snappy indietronica drums is reminiscent of the newest Car Seat Headrest album, Making A Door Less Open. However, where the lo-fi textures gave that album a gritty edge, they giver “Carry Your Weight” a rounded, dreaminess. In the accompanying music video, which was shot on 16mm film in between Thailand and Taiwan, Just Milk dances through a kind of haze – washed out lighting, long fades, slow motion. The music’s fuzzy production creates the same effect.

Just Milk has decided to donate 50% of this track’s Bandcamp sales to Sea Change Yoga, a non-profit in Maine bringing trauma informed yoga to underserved populations. Just Milk is herself a massage therapist, and yoga teacher in training. With this caressing new track that we’re glad to premiere today, it’s useless to mention that her work goes hand in hand with her music.