JW Francis’s newest single is a “Good Time”

New York-based artist JW Francis releases “Good Time,” a contagiously fun new track that will cure your end-of-summer blues.

JW Francis‘ newest song starts with a sample of a child speaking over heavy synths. The kid proclaims, “I love my brother. And I love my daddy. And I love my sister. And I love my momma. And I love myself.” With this confession of devotion, the song flies into the throes of the New York-based singer-songwriter’s newest release. At the end of the intro, the track stops its breakneck pace long enough for Francis to state, “I gotta get it right.” Get it right he does, as “Good Time” proves to be an unrelentingly catchy track from the promising lo-fi singer-songwriter.

Originally from Oklahoma, raised in Paris, and currently based in New York City, the universal quality to Francis‘ music could be ascribed to his status as a peripatetic. His love for travel hasn’t dimmed in adulthood, and Francis is essentially the poster child for global connectivity in the DIY music space. Recently, he squeaked out over 72 shows in 19 states across the US and five different countries. Because Francis finds himself a new backing band wherever he travels, he now boasts a web of musicians from L.A to San Francisco, Paris to Glasgow, New York to Puerto Rico and beyond who know his repertoire. That said, while standout tracks like recent single “New York” draw inspiration from Francis‘ travels, “Good Time” focuses less on the physical geography and more on making the most out of the given moment– wherever that moment may take place.

There is an easy familiarity about “Good Time.” While JW Francis‘ past releases may have veered towards the deepthroated vocals of UK indie royalty King Krule or the jamminess of Chicago’s Whitney, “Good Time” finds Francis squarely in Mac DeMarco territory. Jovial, frenetic, almost goofy guitar finds itself happily married to a poppy drumbeat and reverb-heavy vocals. His ability to engage other artist’s in dialogue is another way in which he renders himself an agent of connectivity. It feels as though he is having a conversation with DeMarco rather than simply paying homage to him.

“Good Time” follows through on its titular promise; the track is a fun-filled ditty that will cure your end-of-summer blues. However, there’s more to the track than just fun. Currently, JW Francis is part of a community of corduroy-wearing, baseball cap-sporting, guitar-shredding male musicians who write their artist bios in lowercase and record songs in their bedrooms. That’s not to say that this is a bad space to be in, but tracks like “Good Time” show that JW Francis is capable of breaking through the somewhat limiting persona of the 21st century indie boy pop icon and into a more complicated identity of his own. With his distinctive point of view, knack for producing catchy lyrics, and natural warmth that has touched fans and fellow musicians around the world, Francis will certainly be an act to watch out for as he continues to search for a place to settle down for good as an artist and human being.

JW Francis‘s new album, We Share a Similar Joy, is out November 6.

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