Karima Walker announces demos EP, shares “how it falls apart”

Karima Walker‘s new demos EP is out April 1 via Orindal Records and Keeled Scales.

Last year, Karima Walker released Waking the Dreaming Body, one of the most overlooked albums of 2021, in which she softly distilled soothing folk, poetry, ambient and field recordings. The whole project ebbed and flew around a line of consciousness, exploring the liminal space between being awake and dreaming. Today, the singer-songwriter and sound designer announced her demos EP, which features early, home-recorded versions of the album as well as some sketches and ambient pieces. Alongside the announcement, she also shared the track “how it falls apart” of which she stated:

“I was a long distance runner in high school, and would go whole miles spelling this word: e-s-t-c-e-q-u-e. A French word that means something like ‘does’ or ‘is it such that?’ Something about the rhythm of this word just kinda fit with how my body was moving. I still think about this when I run. The patterns of my breath, notating or mapping a landscape. For this piece I wanted to see what would happen if I looped this pattern and sang over it. The lyrics pull from this same time period in my life, when I was on the edge of doubt, questioning the stories and beliefs I took for granted up until that point.”

Pre-order the demos EP via Bandcamp, and catch Karima Walker on tour in the UK or US (full itinerary).