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Meernaa as many birds flying video by Silvia Grav

Meernaa taps director Silvia Grav for new video “As Many Birds Flying”

“As Many Birds Flying” is taken from Meernaa‘s upcoming sophomore album, So Far So Good, out October 6 via Keeled

Karima Walker demos EP

Karima Walker announces demos EP, shares “how it falls apart”

Karima Walker‘s new demos EP is out April 1 via Orindal Records and Keeled Scales. Last year, Karima Walker released

Katy Kirby Juniper JACKIE LEE YOUNG

Katy Kirby writes about all things moms on “Juniper”

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Katy Kirby plants seeds for her forthcoming album with dynamic new single “Juniper”. Katy Kirby is back with

Katy Kirby Tap Twice by Hunt Pennington

Katy Kirby showcases her trademark precision and whimsy In “Tap Twice”

Texas-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Katy Kirby earns a double-tap with her newest single off of Keeled Scales. Nashville singer-songwriter Katy Kirby

Erin Durant - Take A Load Off

Erin Durant invites you to step into the cozy ambiance of “Take a Load Off”

“Take A Load Off” is the lead single of Erin Durant’s sophomore album Islands, dropping June 2019 via Keeled Scales.

SUN JUNE by by Bryan Parker

Sun June announce Younger EP with self-reflective “Monster Moon”

Sun June‘s new Younger EP is our March 22 via Keeled Scales. Initially formed by Laura Colwell and Stephen Salisbury,

Jo Schornikow - Incomplete video

Jo Schornikow announces official debut album, shares new song “Incomplete”

Jo Schornikow‘s new song “Incomplete” is taken from her debut album Secret Weapon to be released March 29 on Keeled

SUN JUNE by by Bryan Parker

Watch SUN JUNE’s video for delicate regret pop single “Discotheque”

“Discotheque” is the second single from Sun June‘s debut album “Years” coming June 15 via Keeled Scales. Austin’s Sun June